About us

Who are we

Suishome is a commercial practice company in business since the 1990s, based in Bellinzona, Switzerland. Suishome deals with electronics goods and trains the full time commercial apprentices of Canton Ticino.  We collect the latest technological innovations and maintain constant product availability . The Suishome catalogs are two and contains products for the home, office and leisure. We want to reach the widest range of consumers interested in technology. We are active online to make technologies, experiences and products always available and to be in contact with everyone.
Through an internship oriented daily practice, the trainee will be able to acquire and develop administrative, business and commercial skills in the different departments of our structure.
As a practice company, we operate in a closed network with products and services, in cooperation with other practice companies all over the world. All our commercial and business processes are managed in the same way as a real commercial company and according to the most recent business principles.
During 6 weeks the students of the various business schools of the Canton Ticino benefit from practical training in our company, so as to learn and consolidate knowledge for professional field. Suishome annually trains around 300 students.
Our main focus lies on the development of the professional and social competences of our trainees by offering them individual education and development opportunities as well as a motivating work environment. We encourage cooperative exchanges and active interactions.

Our «Business Model»

Our Mission:   High technology available to all! 
Our Vision:   Provide affordable top quality goods for everyone, everywhere – customer first!
Our Values:   Respect for al business partners, teamwork, integrity, quality, willingness to learn and to improve and, last but not least, customer devotion!

Our «Practice Firm» Model

Our Mission: we coach, we tutor and we collaborate
Our mission puts the students and the companies we work with at the center of our activities, by: -coaching and tutoring business students who live their first working experience and by assuring the correct transfer from theory to practice; -promoting the collaboration with other practice enterprises, in order to create and maintain a good network of contacts that allows the survival of the training project.

Our Vision: we grow and we communicate
Suishome aims to grow both at training and company level:
-training: Suishome wants to guarantee quality training, using a qualified and competent team. It also seeks to enrich students both professionally and personally, allowing them to experiment work processes independently, to develop solutions, to solve problems and promote collaboration and communication;
-company: Suishome aims to maintain a good communication network with its customers and suppliers, so to survive over time and maintain the purpose for which it was created, namely with the aim of training business students.

Our Values: we share and we learn from each other
To pursue the corporate vision, Suishome employees share the following values: -orientation to the students and to the partner companies: the company is created to train business skills and for this reason it continues with its buying and selling activities; -commitment to pursuing their educational goals: Suisfood trainers engage in their work, ensuring availability to people in training; -professionalism, responsibility/ accountability and competence: Suishome employs a competent, responsible and professional team, which wants to transmit its knowledge to students trying to make them independent and capable of performing their duties in a timely and precise manner; -knowledge promotion: the trainers transmit their knowledge to the students, with the hope that they learn and put into practice what they have achieved during their training internship, but at the same time they are open to comparison, so as to eventually complete what is explained, incorporating advice or suggestions; -collaboration and involvement: Suishome promotes collaboration within and outside the company, both with group work and by interacting with partner companies. In addition, students are personally involved in the business, as they are driven to work independently and perform tasks; -innovation: trainers are open to advice from students, in order to improve the quality of the training and make it more effective.